SteveTaylorMarketing.com does not own Google, Facebook, or any of the networks we might use to help promote your business.

Since we do not own any of these platforms the rules and results can change at any time with out warning. Our team works behind the seen daily looking for changes in systems and we adjust accordingly. We cannot guarantee your phone will ring daily or your will be on page one 24/7.

Any claims we make of new or repeat business from other businesses we help may or may not be the same results that you will get.

If your reading one of our Free or Paid E Books remember this are typical results you may or may not see the same results.

We offer no long term contracts for our services**. You only pay as long as we are getting you results, you can cancel at any time. With that said we ask you give us at least 90 days for all your systems to be in place and a chance for them to get you results.

**PPC Management does requires at least a 90 day contract.

All service’s need to be paid up front, past due accounts will be shut off until all balances have been paid in full.

If you are a offline consultant or internet marketing agent using our training we cannot guarantee you will get results. It takes more then a system to work with local business owners. You need people skills, passion, confidence, goal setting skills and more to make our training work for you. There is no get rich today deal that works with out paying a major price at the door.

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